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We are proud of the work we've done so far and love to look back as we move forward.
Below, you can click through galleries of each of our past projects.

The Saturday Thing: February 18, 2023

The Saturday Thing is our monthly performer showcase. In February, it was all about the music with our Songwriters' Showcase. Each performer played a 20-minute set, filling our space at Urbanite PDX with sweet, sweet music and poetry! 

The MC:

Riley McCarthy

The Songwriters:

Ben Johnson

Greta Lau

Hadley Parrish-Cotton

Jayna Sweet

Sophie Short

Vince Radostitz

All photos by Clementine Dorsey. 

The Saturday Thing: January 21, 2023

The Saturday Thing is our monthly performer showcase. In January, we featured three staged readings of short plays, two comedians, and a musician. 

The Plays:

Relationship Tests by Brianna Barrett

It's Gonna Rain Like Hell by Stan Matthews

Father's Day by Michael Hoeft

The Actors:

Connie Kirk

Hao Nguyen

Jayna Sweet

Jon Bolden

Kyle Perren

Matt Helms

Paulina Jaeger-Rosete 

The Comedians:

Jaren George

Riley McCarthy

The Musician:

Chad Nishioka

All photos by Amanda Brewer Phtography.

Doug Sellers and Cecelia Shroyer perform "The Ransom of Granny Red Jeans."

Playwrights' Night:
December 11, 2022

On December 11, 2022, we hosted our third Playwrights' Night. For the first time in our new space at Urbanite PDX, we featured 7 PNW-based playwrights and presented staged readings with a talented cast of Portland actors. Our audience also voted on which of the featured plays was their favorite... And the winner will be performed again at the end of 2023!


The top three plays were: 

Hamlet in Hiding by Rich Rubin*

Good Morning by Angela J

The Ransom of Granny Red Jeans by Michael Hoeft

*Winning play!

Featured Playwrights:

Allison Fradkin

Michael Hoeft

Angela J

Virginia Howe Kincaid

Rich Rubin

Dawn Sellers

Jayna Sweet

Featured Actors:

Cecelia Shroyer (she/her)

Diana LoVerso (she/her)

Doug Sellers (he/him)

Felecia Frizado (she/her)

Gina Eslinger (she/her)

Hao Nguyen (they/them)

Jayna Sweet (she/her)

Kelli Lacey (she/her)

Kyle Perren (he/him)

Paulina Jaeger-Rosete (she/they)

Rowan Dery (they/them)

All photos by Amanda Brewer Photography