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Summer's End Variety Show

On August 26, 2022, we held our first variety show: Summer's End. The show featured eight performances, including a staging of our July Playwrights' Night winner, Families Happen. We also had a variety of local artisan vendors with time for our audience to shop and mingle throughout the evening. 


Praveen, Mayra, and Cat - dance

Shannon Sales - comedy

Gabi Marcus - oratorio

Alice Livermore - speaker and communications coach

Nikki NiHao - drag

Berlyn Lee - comedy

Wedding Singer - music 

Families Happen - written by Stan Matthews, directed by Jayna Sweet; featuring Patti Speight, Doug Sellers, and Jayna Sweet. Set design by Kyle Perren. Stand-in: Felecia Frizado.


Raspy Timbre - jewelry

Cone 10 Flat - ceramics

In the Moss - wood burn art

Layne Young - tarot

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