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Ghostly Gala Variety Show


Ghostly Gala Variety Show

OCTOBER 29, 2022

On October 29, 2022, we held our second variety show: Ghostly Gala. In celebration of Halloween, we had a fun collection of spooky performances for our audience to enjoy in between shopping at our local vendors' booths and sipping on custom mocktails. 


A Ghost's Story - by Stan Matthews, performed by Matt Helms

Wedding Singer - performing music from their new album, Signs of Life

Nikki NiHao - a spooky drag performance

David Sikking - magician, blowing all of our minds

Tourist Trap - staged reading of Tourist Trap: Episode One, our upcoming audio drama

Featuring actors: Jorah Hollander, Elizabeth Jackson, Jayna Sweet, Kyle Perren, Rowan Dery, Jillyn Chang, and Amar "Ace" Cooper


Raspy Timbre - jewelry

Seas to Trees - resin art and accessories

Gazzy by Gazzo - athleisure 

Mocktails by Monique

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